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Optella Inc. was established in Feb. 2015 as a spin-off startup from ETRI

Optella provides low-cost and energy-efficient single mode optical engines and has realized our goal
for a true $1/Gbps.

 • Single mode solution optimized for 2 km single mode fiber
 • Gen1 of 40G/100G and moving to Gen2 of 400G
 • The 4-channel long-wavelength VCSEL with a lensless architecture
 • Tx & Rx co-packaged in Gen1, MUX/DEMUX co-packaged in Gen 2
 • Moving to LGA like solution
 • Scalability from long-wavelength VCSELs to Silicon Photonics in the same package
 • Transitioning from pluggable form-factor application to on-board application

ETRI participates as one of the stockholders of Optella. ETRI offers advantages in research facilities, dispatches visiting researchers and partners with Optella for R&D programs and government driven projects.
Optella's head office with global marketing and planning operations is located in San Jose, CA and R&D operations in Korea.
2018-03-09 MWC 2018
2018-03-07 TIP Summit 2017
2018-03-07 Optella selected as the TEAC Startups
2017-12-11 OFC 2018 Exhibition, Booth #1617, #1728(…
2016-11-16 OFC 2017 Exhibition, Booth #2461, #2568
2016-02-11 OPTELLA Inc. newly opens US office in Sa…
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